Monday, May 24, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

Sushi, Thai food, fresh bagels, Doughnut Man, no wait I’ve got it, In-N-Out!!! I was trying to remember what I was most looking forward to eating when I arrived in So Cal last week. Yes, I had been sent there to attend a conference for women in ministry, but I spent the greatest amount of my preparation energy daydreaming about what I would eat while I was there.

If you have been with me on this journey for any length of time you know that I am obsessed with food. In fact every blog ends with some yummy recipe. And if you have read even one of my entries you also know that the beautiful valley where I reside is greatly lacking in commerce. This includes great restaurants. I am not asking for anything special or fancy, just a large variety of spectacular cuisine. Is that so much to ask?

Now, I have to admit that I have it much better than most. I am married to one of the finest cooks to ever grace a home kitchen. Not only is my husband proficient in his craft, he actually finds the process relaxing. (This may explain my ever expanding hips.) So when I feel the need for Southern style BBQ, he cranks up the smoker and within hours I am enjoying ribs or brisket rivaling anything to come out of Memphis. Or if I get a hankering for seafood fettuccini he heads to the store to see what’s fresh to add to his decadent Alfredo sauce.

But, back to my rant, there is actually a Chinese restaurant here in town that serves crunchy Chung King noodles out of a can and calls it chow mien! I am sure this violates some article in the Geneva Convention. And the one place that serves a decent bowl of soup is up for sale, so that will be gone before long. I am sure you are beginning to understand my frustration.

“So where do you want to eat?” has quickly become the most dreaded question in my life. There is a great Steakhouse and Tavern in one of the outlying towns, but if they are open you have to be prepared for at least an hour wait for your food, and that is after the 20 minutes you waited to see a waitress. Then there is my favorite Greek joint, yes we have Greek food and it is spectacular. The challenge is it is only a drive thru with outdoor dining. So unless the sun is out and the wind isn’t blowing you will be bringing the food home where for the next three days you will be looking for the sweaty Greek man hiding in your home exuding that aroma.

Therefore it is extremely logical that I am already making my list for my next trip out of the area. This time we are off to Atlanta! Ohhhhh, soul food, no wait, BBQ!!! And my hubby won’t even have to wake up at 5 am to make it!!!

Reo’s Lemon Chicken
So yummy you won’t miss an Italian restaurant!
Cut two whole chickens in half and broil skin side down until brown. Turn once and reduce temperature and cook chicken fully.
Marinade- 1 cup olive oil
2 cups lemon juice                            1 tbls red vinegar
6-7 cloves crushed garlic salt and pepper and oregano to taste
Mix together. Cut up cooked chicken and arrange in pan. Cover with marinade and broil 3 minutes, turn and broil 1 minute more.


  1. Tim will like this...even though he no longer works at In-n-Out, he feels he owns part of the place...and we of course love the burgers and fries!

  2. A woman after my own heart... which explains why I'm finding it so difficult to lose enough weight to fit back into my board shorts. :o(

    Love you, Sunny!

  3. IN-N-OUT is one of the things I miss most about California now that I'm living in Colorado.
    Also, I must agree that David is one of the finest cooks I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a meal with.

  4. Poor babe so far away from trans-fats :( but then again when you have those cravings you will come & see your Sis. Hope you have a great time in Atlanta & bring a cooler for the fly home. Hugs
    PS Lovin your blog!!

  5. Sunshine, the first thing we think about when we get to go someplace other than LaGrande and Pendleton is where do we want to eat???